CookedLocal Press Release

CookedLocal helps chefs plan and share their meals with fresh food lovers

Provided By Regional and Local Food
March 26, 2016

Britain is set to eat faster, fresher and more affordable this summer with a new online platform designed to connect home-style chefs with fervent foodies. As a community centric service CookedLocal helps everday chefs plan and share their meals with fellow fresh food lovers. Riding on the coattails of the 'sharing' economy movement, CookedLocal is reimagining the way the UK eats.

From hobbyist cooks and experimental chefs to trained connoisseurs and street stall vendor, CookedLocal reinventing the way communities experience food. Whether cooks want to share 'on the house' portion of family favourites, or sell specially cooked gourmet meals, CookedLocal is a deliciouslly effictive way for everyday foodies ti minimise their environmental impact.

Dipa J Jethwa, CookedLocal founder says. "Food waste is a major issue in developed countries, with the UK alone throwing 7 million tonnesof food every year. It costs us a huge £12.5 billion, and it is also hugely damaging to the environment. as a life long home-style cook and passonate eco advocate, it saddens me to see how much food is wated on a daily basis. Usually, a ticket to the bin is because too much food was cooked, or a person doesn't want to eat same meal two days running. I founded CookedLocal to address this nationwide issue, and encourage the establishment of dynamic, food oriented communities accross the UK.

As multifunctional platform, CookedLocal designed to benefit a myraid users. For chefs that they're simple preparing too much food, it's great way to share with those who can't find the time to cook freshly made meals for themselves. It eleminate the need to feel guilty about throwing our leftovers, and is a great way to reduce waste. As bud their fellow locals and run their very own home-grown restaurant. Chefs can choose to give away food, or add a chrage to cover of ingredients and time.

For foodies, CookedLocal unlocks access to a kaleidoscope of flavours, all prepared from scratch. For those that love fresh food but simply can’t find the time to cook, it’s a tasty solution. Rather than spend a fortune on eating out or ordering takeaways, CookedLocal serves up delicious dishes, with home style price tags. It’s also an exciting way to experiment with international cuisines, and become part of a dynamic food oriented community. As well as single portions, members of the CookedLocal community can also commission food for large scale events such as dinner parties, weddings and more.

Already the platform is brimming with delicious home cooked meals, including slow cooked spinach and chick pea curry, zesty mango chutney and organic American style cookies. As the word spread, the CookedLocal table is set to explode with a plethora of flavours from local chefs across the UK.

Payment is made easy with an online ordering system, with cash exchanged upon delivery or pick up.

To find out more about CookedLocal, and join the food sharing revolution, go to: